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happy day. 04-26-07 18:43
I'm feeling quite happy right now. My person called me and I happy!!! ^.^ Miss him tons, but happy!!! ^.^ He made me laugh on which I needed to so badly. I was feeling quite crappy before he called and talked to me. I told him about my rat. My rat bit me. My shampoo smells like berries and cream and so he tried to take my finger off and away!!! LOL ^.^ He's so cute!!! sleep becons unto me and no I go unto it. bye byes! *wave*
*sigh* 04-18-07 16:02
I wonder...how does this person, next to me in the hallway, take the harshness of life that is thrown at them. How they take it when they don't get as good scores as they would have thought they got. What choices they make. How they react to tough situations. In a certain situation - what would have they done different than me...would they have made the better choice?! What kinds of horrors has this person seen, felt, or heard?! what kind of lives they live compared to me. what kind of lives they have had compared to me.
I wonder why people try to hide so much...then agan...I do know. I know when it comes to sorrows, pains, and even a bit of happiness too. With what has happened it a persons past, I wonder what kind of person they are to become. What fears they will have. Will they save lives or ruin them. I wonder why some stop trying. those who have fallen. I wonder why those who are standing do not always help those who are down. Yes, there is a risk of falling to the same depths they are, but there is always the chance for a person who is standing to help and pull the other from the depths and back on their feet.
I wonder what compells people to do things that are out of reach of understanding and comprehension. I can't help but wonder...
sorry. 04-14-07 20:37
sorry guys. didn't mean to seem like I was yelling. I was just mad...no ticked. I don't like to yell. I just get an emphasised tone sorta thing. I'm just going to stick with this profile. I'm to tired to really care about my previous profile now. anywayz, I am also just glad all my tests are over with.
04-10-07 16:44
pisses me off! I can't help it. I try to log on here with my previous one and it doesn't work!!!!!!! My mind forgot my frickin password!!!!! My day has been horrible before this as well!!!! Totally sucks. I broke something earlier ~ which was just GREAT!!!! Oh! Then! THEN! My grades come in...heh...I SHOULD have had a 3.7 GPA! But NOOOOOOOO! I have to have a frickin 3.4! I have a low grade in one of my favorite classes!!!! art. I can't believe it! I am right where I am supposed to be!!! I mean, what the hell!!! I am further than some other students in there!!!!!!!!!! Frickin pisses me OFF!!!!!! Then, in chem today, my fever just HAD to come back!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna go get a cup of tea......
Hello, 04-10-07 16:31
Hello my name is hiswitch13. I'm new to elowel.